Sunday, September 23, 2007

Easy Riders

Matthew is beginning his "biker" phase, which hopefully will stop short of leather chaps, tatoos and seedy bars. Here he is all decked out in his riding gear.

And before you he doesn't have to wear the knee pads and elbow pads everytime he rides his tricycle. Just the helmet. It's not a law here in Texas, but it is a law at the Morton house.

Matthew is also ready to follow in the footsteps of his daddy and Da and become another productive member of the construction profession. Inspired by Handy Manny and outfitted by Sesame Street, he is ready to overcharge, under-work and blame some one else, just like all the best contractors do!!!

And we end by wishing mommy a happy birthday. She turned 19 on Friday (at least that's what she'll tell you) and Matthew was more than happy to celebrate all weekend long. Here he is at the final hoopla at Granna and Da's, posing in a rare shot with Uncle Jay.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

...OK...So it's been a while...

...but we've been really busy. We've moved, we've had a cousin, we've started school...did I mention we moved? We've been in the new place about a month and Matthew has adjusted. He no longer calls it "our new home" Now it's just "home" We decided that since he was such a big boy now (mentally, not physically) he deserved a big boy room, so here it is!

Our new place has a wonderful pool. Not that Matthew really cares about any part of it but the steps. He just likes to sit there and splash and throw the football.

After a long hard day at the pool, Matthew likes to kick back and read a book. Or have TJ Berrytales read him a book. The bear plays a sound when it's time to turn the page and Matthew will turn and follow along pretty well.

He doesn't always need the bear though. Look at this...I swear he knows how to read...he's just messing with us. All of that spelling words that you don't want kids to H-E-A-R is pointless...HE KNOWS!!!

Ok, maybe he doesn't really know how to read, but I'm pretty sure he knows that all of those letters mean something and he's trying to figure it out. And it's a good thing too. Now that he is officially a Pre-Schooler. Scary isn't it. Here he is on his 1st day of school, ready to learn.

Let's not get carried away thinking that all he does is swim and read. No No, he's quite the vocalist. I am proud to announce that Matthew will be auditioning for (and winning) the next American Idol. Just listen to this:

Ehh...pretty good, huh? Better than that Sanjaya kid, that's for sure!!!

Ok, so did you know that in the Eskimo language, they have like 300 different words for snow? Well, Matthew is in the process of developing his own language...with 300 different words for slurping his milk. "cheuke" As in "I cheuked it." "floop" As in "I flooped it." There are others, but I can't even begin to attempt to spell them so you will just have to come visit to hear them.

When you come to vist, as you know you should, you will most likely see Charlie. Matthew is very proud of his new cousin and has already agreed to share his cars with him....but he did think it best that Charlie have his own Lightning McQueen. Here he is welcoming Charlie to the world.