Wednesday, October 31, 2007

...yet another Pumpkin Patch...
...cause one is never enough. That and I didn't get to go to the first one. And if you think that I am going to miss an opportunity to ride on a rickety old train that looks like it's gonna fall apart at any second, then you are sorely mistaken!
Luckily, the train did not fall apart. Neither did the See-Saw, under the immense weight of the entire Morton Family!

After see-sawing (is that right?) Matthew wanted to tackle the obstacle course. And by obstacle course, I mean an inflatable slide that you have to climb up. The actual abstace course is for big kids and while Matthew insisted that he was "bigger enough" we had to decline. He handled his version like a soldier in training...

...although, I don't think they let soldiers at boot camp smile!!!

I know it sounds cocky (because it is), but I think the following caption is true (because it is).

BEHOLD: The worlds best looking family.

After a long day of obstacle-ing, sliding, see-sawing, train riding and pumpkin tipping (yes, exactly what it sounds like--Matthew would push the pumpkins over and we would set them back up) it was time to go. So I leave you with yet another gratuitous booty shot (playin' it fast and loose with the term booty).

Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Field Trip!
Matthew went to the Pumpkin Patch with his school friends the other day. His Granna came with him. He had a great time running around the patch, trying to pick up pumpkins and playing with his friends.

Here is Matthew with Granna on the hay ride.

Well, Matthew's short again this year. Maybe next year.

Ladies Man

The next Bonnie and Clyde

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bermuda, Bahama, Come on Pretty Mama...Key Largo, Montego, Baby Why don't we go to Galveston???

...because Galveston is only 5 hours away!

That's right...we've just come home from the 3rd annual Morton Family (Granna, Da, Gran, Papa, Zac, Whitney, Micah, Emmie, Ben, Amanda and Matthew) Beach Vacation. They seem to get better every year. Matthew actually got in the water this year (though not very far in and not very often). He loved running up and down the beach, playing in the sand and crashing any sandcastle that came close to completion.

It would take about a week to describe the whole trip, so instead, here are some highlights from the week. Enjoy!

"My future's so bright..."

The boys beg from Da, the seagulls beg from the's a vicious circle.

What beach vacation would be complete w/ out flying a kite?

The Master At Work, building the greatest civilization the world has ever known!!!

One pose with the completed work!

Team Tiny Tornado: A city destroyed, the moat flooded, a job well done.

Before you ask, yes, that is our Matthew. Covered in dirt and SMILING!!!

They grow up so fast!!!

After almost a week of settling for the entire ocean, Matthew decided he's rather just have a bucket full of water. Seriously, most popular toy all week. Bucket of water...Jenn, Jay, Brian , and learn! Don't be swindled by the toy conglomerates, don't waste your money on buckets and shovels for the beach. Just mosey on down to you neighboorhood Home Depot and pick up a big orange bucket!

"Do you know where the weightroom is?"

I'm so proud!!!

But sadly...all good things must come to an I give you......