Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Glad to be Home

Matthew had a wonderful time in Tampa last week (we'll post the pictures as soon as we get them) but he was glad to have all his toys (cars) back. Even though he did get several new toys (cars) while he was gone, he was ready to see his favorites like Luigi and Guido. Here he is saying hello to them.

Every kid needs a dog. Especially one that looks like Peanut but doesn't bark, eat or need to be let out. And thanks to Matthew's MeMaw, he has one! This is "Crocket" Not "Cricket" as it was orginally named by Matthew's Nana, but "Crocket" cause Matthew just didn't say "Cricket"

Monday, March 19, 2007

Matthew's New HAT!!!!!

Matthew spent the day on Saturday with Aunt Jenn and Uncle Jay. They went to the ball park in Arlington where the Rangers play. As they walk in the gift shop Matthew takes Aunt Jenn and Uncle Jay's hands and politely tells them "I LIKE TOYS!" Needless to say Matthew came out of the gift shop with a new truck and a hat. He absolutely loves his hat. He puts it on and says "playball". It's pretty funny.

Since Matthew and I are going to be traveling this week, Ben and I thought about trying head phones on Matthew so he can watch his DVD player on the airplane and in the car on our way to Florida. It will be nice not to have the volume of the dvd player as loud as it can go because you can't hear that well on the airplane. Anyway when we came home from best buy we thought we should explain to Matthew what the head phones do and how they work. Here are a few pictures of Matthew trying out his first set of head phones while watching the Wiggles!

I love my Paw Paw!
Last spring my mom went to the Master's golf tournament. She bought Matthew a shirt like his Paw Paw used to wear, so on Sunday I decided that since the shirt finally fit we should let him wear it. Here he is being a goof ball before church on Sunday.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Update

Yet again a week has passed. And yet again, our kid has gotten cuter (bet you didn't think that was possible!!!) Here are a few snapshots from the week...

Yeah, the clothes are too big, but we really have no choice...he's really, really small!!!

(please hum the theme to The Pink Panther...)

TJ takes a picture, Matthew takes the camera.

A little bit of role reversal here. This time Matthew gets to be the horsey and Daddy gets to be the cowboy. (don't worry, I didn't actually sit on my kid!!!)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Handsome Devils!!!

...need I say more?

Matthew decided to play with something other than cars and trucks for a few minutes. It was refreshing. He wanted to name his little friends. It was cute.