Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Update on the Boys

Hello there. It's been a while since we've posted. I keep saying that, don't I? I really should do a better job of updating, but alas I can't seem to get to it. Well, I shall do my best. Again, kind of a lot's happened since I last wrote.

There was Valentines Day, President's Day, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and the day Finn went back to the hospital. Yup, that's right! One more trip to good ole Cook Childrens. We just loved the place so much that we had to go back. Except for NO. Let's start from the beginning. As I'm sure most of you know, Finn has Hirschprung's disease, which is a condition that affects his colon. You are free to Google it if you need to know more. In order to fix the issues he had surgery. A little snip here, a snip there, pull that through and sew it back together. Good as gold....ish. Well a few weeks ago Amanda noticed some blood in his diaper. She called the surgeon whose secretary said to call our pediatrician. Our pediatrician said it was probably nothing and just keep an eye on him. Well the bleeding got worse and Amanda got more nervous so she called Jenn who talked to one of her docs and she called Uncle Mike who talked to one of his docs and the general consensus was that the secretary and the pediatrician were idiots and we should take him to the hospital. So she did. As it turns out that was the right move. They got him fixed up and sorted out and everything is cool now. Except for our pediatrician who has one less patient...OOPS. Maybe next time she'll do her job.

Other than that it's been pretty calm. Just the crazy kids. Matthew is still going to school. Finn will not be joining him this year, per the new pediatricians orders. He seems to really enjoy it and I think will be very bored when summer comes. But, I'm sure we'll find something for him to do. He is also taking swimming lessons. As it turns out, I think the problem was us not him. When we aren't around he has no problem jumping off the side, going down the slide or diving under the water. When we are around he turns into a little baby girl who is too afraid to do anything. But hopefully this class will help him this summer at the pool, waterpark and/or beach.

Onto the pictures...I know that's why most of you are here.

Matthew is helping Finn with his tummy time...Finn loves his tummy time.

"Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese" Exactly...cheese.

Matthew taking some much needed relaxation time with his Tag reader. It's good to just get away into a book sometimes.

One of us said he was cute, the other one said he was so cute you could just eat him up, one thing led to another and well....there you go.

I spy something green.....it's a Fruit Loop under the couch...dibs!


...17...18...19...20. Finished Drill Sergeant! We're taking a harder line with this one. None of that sissy time out junk. Spit up on the floor and it's 'drop and give me 20'

But seriously...no. I don't make either of the kids do push ups. Though it might help with the older one...what do you think? Well, until next time...