Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas, versions 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0....

....and that was just the first 3 days.

We loaded up the family, boarded a "pack of gum" airplane and flew to "NANA'S HOUSE!!!!" for a bit of a family reunion of Amanda's side of the family. We stayed with Uncle Jay, Aunt Jenn, Charlie and the puppies, while Matthew stayed at Nana's. He insisted on sleeping on her pillow, so we'd put him to bed and then Nana would move him when she went to bed. One night, as she moved him, he said "toot toot toot." Trains on the brain, I tell ya'!

I swear, the kid would RUN to Nana's house from here if we let him!

"'Sup, Chuck?"

We had another Christmas with more presents at Nana's house. Matthew got a watch, a whole bunch of cars and trains, a "Monster Jam" (big monster truck) and so much stuff we had to pack an extra suitcase home....and ship a box.

What time is it? It's time for my date!!!

Whatcha got there?

If that weren't enough we had yet ANOTHER Christmas with the extended family. More car stuff (including a SWEET robe), more train stuff and some kid friendly ice packs called Boo-Boo Buddies. I thought they were kind of cute...then Matthew showed them to me and told me they were to "make his boobies feel better" and I LOVED them!!!

"Ok, Joshua, this is how we entertain the ladies....trains!!!

Watch out, Hef! GREAT great grand-mother!!

A couple days later we went to Mimi and Popi's house (Amanda's dad and step-mom) for one last Christmas....seriously, we're good. We need all...for a while...I need a bigger place to put all of Matthew's me...can't

Popi...still just a kid wanting to help open presents.

And then there was New Years Eve. A time to put the kids to bed early, have a few drinks, and play some games....sadly, Peanut got a little carried away with her vodka (yes, Vodka...if you thought Chihuahuas only drank tequila it's cause you're racist) and we had to let her sober up. So we went to Laura's for a dance party!!! Everyone got in on the action!


(notice the 4 month old, reaching for Nana's wine already)

Some of us rocked, some of us danced, but we all had a great time!







...and to put a great end to a great's a great end!!!

(as soon as he grows a butt, I'll stop the rear pic posting....based on his dad, he's S.O.L.)