Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Though today is the officially Easter, Matthew has been celebrating since last week. It's always best to stretch holidays involving large amounts of candy as far as possible. He began with an Easter egg hunt at school. He did very well finding eggs...better than the parent who apparently couldn't "find" anything to put IN the eggs. That's right EMPTY eggs for 3 year olds...good call!

After that he had a week to ingest and digest all of the candy he got that day before going to the Easter Bunny Picnic. Here he met the Easter Bunny and posed (briefly) for a photo.

On Saturday, we dyed eggs and let Matthew decorate them with Cars stickers. It was a lot of fun watching the eggs change color with him. He put like 13 stickers on one egg...that one's my favorite.

But, alas, the fumes of the vinegar must have got to him and he just had to run away and hide. This picture was taken about an hour after we put him to bed. He was out cold...but hiding!

The next morning we got to dig into what the Easter Bunny left. Wouldn't you know it...more Cars stuff. Matthew also had great stuff from Nana and Mimi and Popi.

Then we went to church and by this point, Matthew was beginning to get Eastered out. As you can see, he's non-plussed about posing for a picture with Maisy.

But he perked back up when he got to look for MORE eggs filled with MORE candy at Granna and Da's house. It will take us a good 4 months to eat all of the candy we got today.