Saturday, August 08, 2009

Good News!!!
Phineas had a check up with the surgeon on Tuesday! It went really well. He is doing so well that we are able to start weaning his dilations. Hopefully by the time he is 15 months we should be finished with dilations. We are so thankful that he is doing so well.
On to other news, Phineas got his first hair cut this week. His hair was ridiculously long. It was past his eyes. He was definitely sporting the Donald. Not anymore, his hair now looks like a little boy instead of the old man comb over.
This week we also learned that our little monkey could climb. It wasn't far but it is just the beginning. I was getting some things together to go to storage and I had a Rubbermaid container sitting on the floor in the living room. Matthew and Phineas were playing and the next thing I see Phineas is trying to stand up while holding on to the container. Well I got the camera and I took some pictures and by the time I was finished taking pictures he was on top of the container. He was so proud of himself.
Matthew also received some very good news. Maggie's Morning School called me Friday to tell me that Matthew had a spot in the Pre-K class. I am very excited. When we found out we were moving we put his name on the list and he was number 30. I can't believe that he got in. Ben and I are so happy that he will be at the school of our choice instead of the one that was our fall back. I told Matthew the news and he was so excited because he was going to the same school as Charlie.
Here are some pictures of the haircut, climbing and did I forget to mention that we let Phineas lick Ben's doughnut the other morning. He loved it! I don't have any pictures of Matthew because he has been running away everytime I get the camera out.

Having doughnuts with Dad!! (Yummy)

Getting my haircut

More haircut pictures

Let the climbing begin

Just keep trying

Almost got it


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